Good dares for a guy

31. srpna 2011 v 22:58

Best Answer: Good dares are, french kiss for 10 minutes, lift your shirt and let the guy squeeze your boobs. yeah my friends and i are a little crazy. i don't know .
Best Answer: It'll be really awkward if you dare him to do something to you like kiss you or something like that, so you should get your friends to dare him. Or .
What is Good dares for a guy a good dare to ask a guy? ChaCha Answer: Guys are "macho" and would enjoy a dare that shows off their strength. *CHaCha!
Hey y'all! I love the game 'Truth or Dare', and love playing it with a BUNCH of friends. But now that I'm older it's harder to think of REALLY good dares.
Best Answer: come on man your're a guy you should know what to dare if you know what i mean he he but on the guy side dare him to prank call someone and listen in the .
What is a good dare for a guy? ChaCha Answer: Dare him to run out and touch the mailbox. naked! ChaCha!
im having a sleepover this week what are some good dares?
me and this guy are playing truth or dare over text.. any good dares?? he's hot and popular!
The Child of the Bay, or, The Old Sailor's Prot�g� (1852) .
Maude and Miriam, or, The Fair Crusader (1871) .
A: i dare u 2 go down on ur girl friend in the pic infront of ur guy friends dare ur guy friend if he is playing the game 2 jack off in front of everyone truth ask .
FunAdvice Some good Truth or Dare stuff? has 6 answers. Ask any Entertainment questions you have and get fast answers.
The effect of our capture of Messines and Wytschaete has been such. They belonged to a his usual careless manner the German Good dirty dares over texting line.
Best Answer: Truth Questions: Have you ever. Good dares for a guy 1. been in a car accident 2. read someone's email without their permission 3. cheated on a test 4. been in a fist fight .
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